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  • Andrea is an amazing dietitian and well-being coach! I have been seeing her weekly for over 6 months and our sessions have truly changed my life. She is there to not only support my exercise and nutrition goals, but dives into any issues that may be holding me back from those goals. She makes me feel confident and holds me accountable to the expectations I set for myself. I have lost weight and changed my habits, but have also gained so much confidence in myself again! I would recommend her to anyone that is ready to live their best life!

    Jayme Sunde

  • Andrea is just wonderful... seriously, words cannot describe how great I think she is. I came to Andrea lacking self-confidence, consumed by thoughts of food, and pretty much hating my body... I also wasn't feeling that well, experiencing regular heartburn and general fatigue. In my work with Andrea, we were able to get to some of the roots to some of my health concerns and develop tools to help turn things around. Not only did I learn about tangible ways to improve my health, but I also learned so much about myself and my body when working with Andrea. Andrea's approach was kind, and yet she helped to light a fire so I could feel motivated for change. I left feeling more acceptance (and even a little bit of love) for myself and my body... which is HUGE! I would (with no hesitation whatsoever) recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to work to improve their relationship with their body, food, and overall health. 

    Sarah Cox

  • I highly recommend Andrea Harrill as a nutrition & lifestyle coach. I have worked with her almost a year now and have learned some amazing life skills that I will carry forward. Not quick diet tricks, but rather a new way to view food and understand nutrition.  Andrea is very good at holding you accountable and diving deeper to help you understand the root of existing habits and ways to overcome these obstacles.  She is very positive and always seeks to understand my individual needs. She challenges me and helps tailor recommendations accordingly. Thank you, Andrea!

    Christene Hilger

  • I have always lacked self-confidence when it comes to my body appearance and overall health. I have tried and failed at every yo-yo diet in the books. Nothing was sustainable for me as a 12+ hour school leader. When I received results back from my doctor that I was pre-diabetic, I knew it was time for a serious change. I needed to take my life, and my health, back. I needed something that would be sustainable for early mornings and late nights, something I could feel successful at. Andrea gave me answers to my problems and so much more. After working with Andrea for 90 days I have regained confidence in myself, returned to a normal blood sugar level, lost almost 20 pounds and feel better than ever! Andrea was my biggest cheerleader throughout my process and I am confident my healthy and happy lifestyle will continue to flourish thanks to her setting me up for ultimate success.

    Hanna Jadin

  • It was a delight working with Andrea. I got way more from our sessions than I ever expected because, of course, I thought I had all the information I needed (but I wasn't making my goals). In every session, she surprised me with some easy but helpful technique and was quick to analyze what I had done in a week that was positive progress. I completed a major chunk of time with her and we "finished," but I was always so jazzed after talking with her that I will continue to have regular contact with her. I can't thank her enough for her thoughtful insights.

    Lola Fredrickson