“I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list.”

– Susan Sontag

Whether traveling across the globe to explore new places and spaces or a few hours away to spend time with friends and family, staying healthy can be a challenge when you’re away from home and usual routines. Fortunately, there are a few items and essentials that can make staying on track a teeny, tiny bit easier. Check out my list below for some helpful additions to your suitcase the next time you travel!

My Healthy Essentials Packing List

  1. Individual protein packets At home, I like to start off every morning with a protein smoothie so I like to keep some semblance of this routine when I am away. Mix with almond milk or even just water, it’s a quick protein fix.
  2. Individual collagen powder packets – To keep my digestive system running smoothly and healthy when my food situation is likely less predictable, I add a packet of this good stuff to my morning protein shakes.
  3. Snacks – Healthy mini-meals are essential, especially if I don’t know when they will be happening or what will be available. And having snacks on hand prevents me from getting a bad case of the hangries during a long day of sightseeing or at the lake, where there are plenty of less healthy options.
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Protein bars – The RXBAR brand is a great whole-foods based option for those with food sensitivities.
    • Beef bars and jerky – I am a big fan of the Epic brand.
    • Whole fruit, like oranges and apples, if possible
  4. Shaker cup – Perfect for mixing up my morning protein + collagen shakes, this one comes in a billion colors and also doubles as a refillable water bottle. Win-win.
  5. Supplements – A helpful routine to maintain, as best as possible, away from home to keep things running smoothly, prevent breakouts, boost my immune system and keep me energized. I don’t always remember to take them every day (at home or away) but I do try to make the extra effort when traveling.
    • Digestive enzymes – Perfect for the overindulgent meal when your body needs a little boost. Can be taken 30 minutes before or after a meal or right alongside it. Check out this one specifically for helping to digest gluten.
    • Gut health promoter – This bad boy is helpful for bloating, abdominal discomfort, tricky bowel movements and maintaining baseline gut health and motility. When I know I will be eating differently then I normally do, I usually take these daily on trips.
    • Probiotics – Helpful for supporting gut flora (or bacteria) and keeping the digestive system healthy.
    • Heartburn stop – For when that spicy/indulgent meal comes back to bite you in the bum.
    • Fish oil – Helps keep inflammation (from lots of walking, new foods, or pro-inflammatory foods like alcohol) in check.
    • Glutathione – An important antioxidant and essential to maintaining a healthy immune system.
    • Lysine + Echinacea – I am prone to cold sores (have been every since I was super little) and new environments can trigger a flare up so I take this stuff on the regular to keep them at bay. The echinacea in this brand also helps to boost the immune system.
    • Magnesium – Helpful to promote relaxing at the end of an overstimulating day and drifting off to sleep. Also helps to calm sore muscles after a long day of walking.
  6. Tea – I keep these tea bags on hand for special circumstances when I need a little help.
    • Throat Coat – For when I feel a sore throat coming on
    • Smooth Move – For when I need a little help…um…going. (NOTE: Be careful with this stuff… sip it only before bed to see relief by morning and not need to race to the bathroom all day.)
    • Mango Ginger – For when I need to settle and upset stomach.
    • Bedtime – For when I am feeling restless and need some help calming down and falling asleep.
  7. Ginger chews – Ginger is a helpful aid for promoting digestion and easing an upset stomach. These are great to keep on hand, just in case!
  8. Resistance band (or this kind) – No excuse not to get some resistance training in while on-the-go! Resistance bands are super portable and can be very effective. Here is a full-body resistance band workout you can do anywhere.
  9. Yoga mat or towel – Not necessarily essential but can make your workout a little more comfortable.
  10. Workout clothes – Self-explanatory…something to sweat in. I usually pack items that dry quickly and that I can wear at least 2-3 times before smelling terrible. Really strict criteria, I know 🙂 Don’t forget a couple pair of athletic socks and your running shoes if running is on the docket for you.
  11. Apps on my phone and websites – These are a few of my favorites:
    • Smartphone apps:
      • Johnson & Johnson 7-Minute Workout – You can go for the short and sweet (but effective) 7-minute workout or choose from their library or other longer workouts…all using just body weight!
      • Yoga Studio– Bring the yoga studio to you!
      • RunKeeper – For those runs in a new place where you are not quite sure of your mileage but want to stay on track with your distance goals.
      • Gymboss – Super simple timer for creating an interval workout.
    • Websites:
      • FitnessBlender – Incredible FREE YouTube channel with hundreds of workouts to choose from with great search functionality.
      • BeFit – Great channel with a variety of workouts, including some dance routines for those that want to shake it a bit on vacation.
      • Do Yoga With Me – Another fantastic FREE database of yoga workouts with instructors walking you through each pose.
  12. Sunscreen – I turn into a tomato pretty easily so this is a massively essential travel item for me. Check out this list that gives the top brands supported by the Environmental Working Group, “a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.”
  13. Ear plugs – For those rascally, noisy neighbors, hostel roommates, or uncles that are reliving their glory days around the campfire when you are trying to get your precious beauty sleep. Hey, you’ve got places to see and things to do in the AM!
  14. Eye mask – Can be incredibly helpful on the plane or wherever you are staying, especially if you are sensitive to light when you sleep.

Okay, I am sure I am missing some things here but these are the big ticket items for me. Please reach out with any follow-up questions, comments, or additions you have.

Happy & healthy travels, my friends!

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