Curious about intermittent fasting? Here’s what to know.

As the buzz around intermittent fasting (IF) grows, by now you’ve probably heard a bit about this trendy eating plan. Maybe you even have a friend who swears by it for its health and weight loss benefits. But what is it really? And, most importantly, do you have to starve yourself to try it?

Is your mindset on stress more harmful than your actual stress? [Hint: Probably.]

“Hardiness is the courage to grow from stress.”

–  Salvatore Maddi, Psychologist at the University of Chicago

For so long, the mindset around stress was to just not. And that meant avoiding it, lessening it, or getting rid of it. Afterall, this is the stuff heart attacks are made of, right??


Stressed?? Be sure to support this hormone…and here’s how.

“You can do anything but you can’t do everything.”


There are certain times of year when we feel especially stretched – financial, emotionally, time-wise, etc. And during the holidays seems to be one of them. And I totally get it! There’s plenty of reason to be stressed.