Andrea is just wonderful… seriously, words cannot describe how great I think she is. I came to Andrea lacking self-confidence, consumed by thoughts of food, and pretty much hating my body… I also wasn’t feeling that well, experiencing regular heartburn and general fatigue. In my work with Andrea, we were able to get to some of the roots to some of my health concerns and develop tools to help turn things around. Not only did I learn about tangible ways to improve my health, but I also learned so much about myself and my body when working with Andrea. Andrea’s approach was kind, and yet she helped to light a fire so I could feel motivated for change. I left feeling more acceptance (and even a little bit of love) for myself and my body… which is HUGE! I would (with no hesitation whatsoever) recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to work to improve their relationship with their body, food, and overall health. 

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